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    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown
    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shownAHK D CNC 30320 is shown
    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 25100 4X CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 25100 4X CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 25100 4X

    AHK D CNC 25100 4X

    CNC Press Brake

    Excellent price/performance ratio - unsurpassed combination of power...

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    Part No. 182502
    Please contact us for the current best price offer. KNUTH has been known for decades for a superior price-performance ratio, which we prove over and over in every new quote.
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    Machine frame and male (upper) die

    • Rigid design integrates decades of experience
    • Male die with extra-long high-precision dual block guides

    Working area

    • Long stroke, large throat, and spacious working area allow extensive bevelling operations across the entire work length
    • Plenty of room for bending work eliminates intermediate steps
    • Allows easy, comfortable bending of a wide variety of materials


    • High-precision, honed hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome-plating
    • Work pressure calculation and adjustments are handled by the control
    • Perfectly tuned hydraulic components and measuring systems for exact synchronization of work cylinders

    Rear stop

    • X axis with linear guides and preloaded ball screws ensures precise movements
    • Controlled R axis
    • Automatic return ensures dimensional stability during beding
    • Stop fingers are positioned on a smooth, high-precision linear guideway

    Front support arms

    • Linear guides for easy lateral adjustments
    • Simple height adjustment and superior rigidity

    Bending tools

    • Multi-die and Promecam tool mounts ensure an extensive selection of bending tools
    • manuelles Schnellwechselsystem bei allen Modellen bis 220 t Druckleistung - vereinfachter Werkzeugwechsel, schneller durchführbar
    • All tools are hardened and ground, and allow a very precise setup
    • includes motorized lower table crowning

    Safety and Productivity

    • Safety features are based on the latest CE regulations
    • LazerSafe features high reliability and full functionality
    • Bending processes at the press can be performed with absolute operator safety, and without the typical limitations presented by light curtains

    Technical Data


    Cybelec CNC Modeva 15T 3D Colour Graphic Steuerung

    ModEva 15T numerical control is dedicated to press brakes with a 2D or 3D graphic display.

    It can be therefore adapted to the simple as well as to the sophisticated press-brakes. New parts are programmed on a single page. As a result, the average time required to set-up the bending of a 3D part, ready to be used, is drastically reduced. When producing complex parts, most of today's CAD/CAM can transfer their results directly to the numerical control. One such CAD/CAM product that we strongly recommend is MetaBEND. MetaBEND generates a list of numeric specifications for each bend, including back-gauge targets, BDC, force, crowning and the like. In addition, it associates to each bend a digital image. All this is packed in a digital format directly readable by ModEva 15T. The numerical data can be visualized on the BEND NUM page, while the images can be viewed on the IMAGE BEND page. ModEva 15T offers multi-simulation capability. It displays several solutions choices of optimal bending sequences, the tools and the position of the sheet between the tools, as well as collision detection according to criteria defined by the operator. Other simulation criteria for better sheet management, such as minimum length against the operator, minimum return, maximum accuracy between two defined faces and minimum operator manipulation can also be defined. ModEva 15T numerical control units can control up to 18 axes. The software enables manufacturers to configure axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to their needs. It can manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, slave axes, etc.

    Easy Operating: • Its large 15" color Touch Screen makes the programming even more efficient and intuitive. • Complete programming of a part on a single page. • Quick set-up of the machine thanks to direct access to set-up. • Optional auxiliary panel for machine commands (push buttons, switches) ideally located under the Keyboard.

    Better Bending: • The numerical control comes with off-line PC 1200 software to prepare production programs and check the feasibility of parts on a desktop computer. • Very simple and convenient data transfer from most CAD/CAM systems. • Higher productivity thanks to easy and rapid modifications of existing products and fully featured correction page. • Display of error and warning messages on the console Screen.

    Powerful: • Multi-simulation capability. • Simulation criteria for better sheet management. • Windows XPe for multitasking and file management. • EC safety-cycle management. • Ethernet for Easy communication.

    Standard Equipment

    DT 15 Steuerung, 4 controls axes Y1, Y2, X, R, automatic lower crowning, European Amada-type tool clamping, segmented male and female die, Schnellklemmung Oberwerkzeug (Modelle bis 220 t Druckleistung), controlled rear stop with linear guides and preloaded ball screws, height-adjustable stop fingers, Fiessler AKAS-II laser-optic safety system, CE-conforming safety features, operator manual, 2 front support arms moving on linear guides