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    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown
    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shownAHK D CNC 30320 is shown
    CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30175 CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30175 CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30175

    AHK D CNC 30175

    CNC Press Brake

    Excellent price/performance ratio - unsurpassed combination of power...

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    Part No. 182405
    Please contact us for the current best price offer. KNUTH has been known for decades for a superior price-performance ratio, which we prove over and over in every new quote.
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    Machine frame and male (upper) die

    • Rigid design integrates decades of experience
    • Male die with extra-long high-precision dual block guides

    Working area

    • Long stroke, large throat, and spacious working area allow extensive bevelling operations across the entire work length
    • Plenty of room for bending work eliminates intermediate steps
    • Allows easy, comfortable bending of a wide variety of materials


    • High-precision, honed hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome-plating
    • Work pressure calculation and adjustments are handled by the control
    • Perfectly tuned hydraulic components and measuring systems for exact synchronization of work cylinders

    Rear stop

    • X axis with linear guides and preloaded ball screws ensures precise movements
    • exact manual R axis adjustments
    • Automatic return ensures dimensional stability during beding
    • Stop fingers are positioned on a smooth, high-precision linear guideway

    Front support arms

    • Linear guides for easy lateral adjustments
    • Simple height adjustment and superior rigidity

    Bending tools

    • Multi-die and Promecam tool mounts ensure an extensive selection of bending tools
    • manuelles Schnellwechselsystem bei allen Modellen bis 220 t Druckleistung - vereinfachter Werkzeugwechsel, schneller durchführbar
    • All tools are hardened and ground, and allow a very precise setup
    • includes manual lower table crowning

    Safety and Productivity

    • Safety features are based on the latest CE regulations
    • LazerSafe features high reliability and full functionality
    • Bending processes at the press can be performed with absolute operator safety, and without the typical limitations presented by light curtains

    Technical Data


    CNC Steuerung DT 10 Touch
    • The large touch screen provides a full overview over all major functions; it is easy to operate and values for profile bending sequences can easily be entered via touch operation.
    • The control's special design ensures easy operation and provides lean, fast machining processes
    • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of operation
    • Perfect bending results, simple angle registration and easy machine operation
    • Automatic indexing at machine startup
    • Position monitoring during bending process
    • Programming of different positions on Y1 and Y2
    • Tool data storage
    • Bending and return speeds can be programmed
    • USB port
    • 2D color graphics display with simulation mode
    • Linux operating system
    • Ergonomically designed control panel
    • 10“ TFT color touch screen

    DT-10 Bend Offline Software

    • External programming without any need to interrupt production

    Standard Equipment

    DT 15 Steuerung, 3 controls axes Y1, Y2 and X, manual lower table crowning, European Amada-type tool clamping, segmented male and female die, Schnellklemmung Oberwerkzeug (Modelle bis 220 t Druckleistung), controlled rear stop with linear guides and preloaded ball screws, height-adjustable stop fingers, 2 front support arms moving on linear guides, Fiessler AKAS-II laser-optic safety system, CE-conforming safety features, operator manual