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CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown
CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shownAHK D CNC 30320 is shown
CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 30320 is shown CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 60400 4X CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 60400 4X CNC Press Brake - AHK D CNC 60400 4X

AHK D CNC 60400 4X

CNC Press Brake

Excellent price/performance ratio - unsurpassed combination of power...

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Part No. 182516
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Machine frame and male (upper) die

  • Rigid design integrates decades of experience
  • Male die with extra-long high-precision dual block guides

Working area

  • Long stroke, large throat, and spacious working area allow extensive bevelling operations across the entire work length
  • Plenty of room for bending work eliminates intermediate steps
  • Allows easy, comfortable bending of a wide variety of materials


  • High-precision, honed hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome-plating
  • Work pressure calculation and adjustments are handled by the control
  • Perfectly tuned hydraulic components and measuring systems for exact synchronization of work cylinders


  • 4-axis control, type DNC 880 S
  • The control's special design ensures easy operation and provides lean, fast machining processes
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of operation
  • Perfect bending results, simple angle registration and easy machine operation
  • Automatic indexing at machine startup
  • Position monitoring during bending process
  • Programming of different positions on Y1 and Y2
  • Tool data storage
  • Bending and return speeds can be programmed
  • USB port

Rear stop

  • X axis with linear guides and preloaded ball screws ensures precise movements
  • exact manual R axis adjustments
  • Automatic return ensures dimensional stability during beding
  • Stop fingers are positioned on a smooth, high-precision linear guideway

Front support arms

  • Linear guides for easy lateral adjustments
  • Simple height adjustment and superior rigidity

Bending tools

  • Multi-die and Promecam tool mounts ensure an extensive selection of bending tools
  • Manual quick-changing system simplifies and accelerates tool changes (up to 22 tons force)
  • All tools are hardened and ground, and allow a very precise setup
  • The 4-axis model includes motorized lower table crowning, 3-axis model includes manual lower table crowning

Safety and Productivity

  • Safety features are based on the latest CE regulations
  • LazerSafe features high reliability and full functionality
  • Bending processes at the press can be performed with absolute operator safety, and without the typical limitations presented by light curtains

Technical Data


ModEva 19T numerische Steuerung für Abkantpressen

The ModEva 19T is the newest addition to the ModEva product family

  • The new ModEva 19T is a state-of-the-art control for high-end synchronous press brakes with up to 18 axes, and includes 2 synchronized hydraulic axes
  • The ModEva 19T features a sleek design and is the first completely touchscreen-operated control in this series
  • An intuitive operator and programming interface features four operating modes, so users can complete their tasks quickly, easily, and comfortably
  • One section of the HMI is dedicated to machine function keys, which can be customized as needed by the user
  • As member of the ModEva product familiy, the ModEva 19T is compatible with other ModEva numeric controls: same wiring, same signals, same electronic interfaces, and the same start-up processes.
  • The ModEva 19T also features the newest version of the classic ModEva interface.
  • Using the TouchProfile function, 2D profiles can be drawn directly on the screen
  • 3D software is available as an option for the ModEva 19T

The ModEva 19T control makes complex tasks much simpler

Easy operation

  • Large 19” color touchscreen - complete programming of all parts on just one page.
  • Interactive and intuitive control - with direct access to all parameters for quick machine set-up.
  • Clear and logically structured menus.
  • Alphanumeric keyboard for easy input of products and tools.
  • Graphical programming and simulation in 2D or 3D.

Improved Bending

  • Standard equipment includes the Offline PC-ModEva Software that can be used to prepare production programs and verify the feasibility of parts at a desktop computer.
  • Easy and quick adaptation of existing products and a complete, easy to review correction page ensure increased productivity
  • Error messages and warnings are displayed on the monitor.
  • All-encompassing machine parameters for detailed machine configurations
  • Customizable user interface accommodates user-defined machine functions

Powerful Features

  • Controls up to 18 axes
  • Multi-simulation capability with collision monitoring and definition of tool and workpiece positions - providing various solutions for achieving a perfect bending sequence
  • Advanced simulation criteria for improved workpiece control
  • Protractor interface
  • Tool localizer
  • Tandem operation is available
  • Windows operating system for familiar user experience

Standard Equipment

Modeva 19T 3D Colour Graphic control, 4 controls axes Y1, Y2, X, R, automatic lower crowning, European Amada-type tool clamping, segmented male and female die, quick-action clamping of male die, controlled rear stop with linear guides and preloaded ball screws, height-adjustable stop fingers, 2 front support arms moving on linear guides, Fiessler AKAS-II laser-optic safety system, CE-conforming safety features, operator manual