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Miter Band Saw - B 200 S
Miter Band Saw - B 200 S
Miter Band Saw - B 200 S Miter Band Saw - Reduced down-time: precisely adjustable angular stops and quick-action clamping at the vise

B 200 S

Miter Band Saw

Band Saws - An economic alternative to frame and circular saws

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Part No. 102752
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  • Saw frame swivels - Allowing angular cuts to 45°
  • Coolant system is included
  • Thin saw blade for reduced material removal
  • Long life - the saw blade is used over its entire length
  • Exact cuts - rigid construction prevents belt track deviations
  • Quiet, low-vibration operation
  • A hydraulic cylinder controls the support pressure infinitely from 0 to maximum pressure
  • saw frame feed is infinitely variable via hydraulic cylinder

Technical Data

Standard Equipment

coolant system, quick-action vice, mobile base, saw-band, operator manual
Optional Equipment
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