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  • Cutting Center

  • Laser Cutting

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  • Plasma Cutting

KNUTH Cutting Center Sets New Standards in Consultation

With our Cutting Center, we have created an unprecedented Presentation and Consultation Platform for our customers! Here you will find complete information on Laser-, Plasma- and Water Jet Cutting Technologies:

  • all 3 cutting process will be demonstrated for comparison
  • we will develop solid solutions for the most complex cutting tasks
  • we will cut sample parts using each of the three technologies for comparison
  • we provide our customers with an optimum basis for future-oriented system planning -- all of this from one source.
You need a suitable process and the appropriate machine!

We accommodate a wide spectrum of cutting technology applications by providing an extensive, versatile machine portfolio. No matter what your requirements are, we will always find the appropriate system with a customized configuration tailored to your needs – and most importantly, for a price that makes high-performance technologies affordable.
List of Questions for CUTTING:

  • What type of material is to be cut?
  • Which contours need to be cut?
  • Which grade or cut quality is to be achieved?
  • What are the quantities and which machining times are needed?
  • Which particularities need to be considered?
  • How and at what cost are these parts manufactured currently?

Take advantage of this opportunity to get competent and practical advice from our specialists. You can only win!

The best trained service technicians!
Our service technicians received special training in all 3 technologies and attend regular training courses to stay on top of newest developments. We also make sure they can be on site quickly with all the necessary parts.
The compact, German-made Laser-Jet is the highlight of KNUTH's Laser Cutting System, featuring: high power, high load capacity and total reliability.

The KNUTH Laser-Jet Series is available with CO2 or optionally with a fiber laser. Cost-effective for profitable entry into the world of modern laser technology
  • Complete system with capacitive height sensing and high-pressure cutting optics, ergonomically optimized machine design
  • Cuts complex contours with highest accuracy and perfect cut quality, no rework necessary
  • High cutting power, flexible use in production and development, suitable for smaller batch sizes
  • Low investment cost, less operating cost and long maintenance intervals ensure quick ROI
  • Quick and easy operation with integrated technology database and pre-programmed function programs
  • CAD/CAM software may be installed on the machine or on a workstation PC, new cutting jobs can be prepared during cutting processes
  • The compact laser-jets are shipped pre-assembled on a pallet for quick installation
List of Questions for LASER:

  • What type of material need to be machined?
  • What is the maximum size of your cut parts?
  • How complex are the cutting geometries?
  • What cut quality and dimensional accuracy do you expect?
  • What cut lengths in which type of material and plate thickness do you need to produce in what time?
  • What is the plate size of your original material?

Take advantage of the services offered by our Cutting Center to get competent and practical advice from our specialists. You can only win!

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The advantages of water-jet cutting are obvious:
The wide spectrum of applications and superior cutting
quality make water-jet cutting systems an optimum alternative.

The KNUTH Hydro-Jet Series:
Versatile water-jet cutting systems for complex cutting tasks
  • easily create very detailed contours: burr-free cuts without thermal distortion of the material along the cut edge
  • huge spectrum of applications: for pure-water and abrasive cutting of a large variety of materials, material thicknesses and combinations thereof
  • GPlus 450 Cut: the optimized user interface for 2D cutting allows quick implementation from the drawing the cut part
  • short tooling times: one tool for all machining processes
  • efficient: excellent productivity even for small batch sizes:
  • cost-effective: thin lands and lowest possible distances between contours save material and reduce cost
  • customized: the KNUTH Hydro-Jet Eco Series expands the range of applications for water-jet technology - Users now can profit by using the advantages of this process in areas that previously were considered cost-prohibitive.
List of Questions for WATER-JET:

  • What advantages can the cold cutting process bring for you?
  • What type of manufacturing problems existed with the other cutting processes?
  • What batch sizes are expected during manufacturing?
  • Do you know all machining properties of the materials to be machined?
  • Which particularities have to be considered for the required contours, e.g. small bores or thin lands?

Take advantage of the services offered by our Cutting Center to get competent and practical advice from our specialists. You can only win!

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Superior Plasma Cutting System:
KNUTH based its Plasma Technology on the vast
experience and reliability of the market leader Hypertherm.

The KNUTH Plasma-Jet Series:
Hypertherm Plasma Technology and Burny Phantom Control
  • superior quality and uniformity
  • high cutting speeds in thin and medium material thicknesses, good cutting speeds in thicker materials
  • very powerful performance in unalloyed steel, virtually burr-free up to a material thickness of 38 mm - maximum cutting capacity up to 80 mm (edge start)
  • high cutting quality and a very small heated zone allow machining of high-alloyed steel, aluminum and copper
  • low investment and operating cost, impressive productivity
  • combination head for shortest change-over time: every KNUTH Plasma-Jet DS can be equipped with an optional flame cutter and flame cutter table.
List of Questions for PLASMA:

  • Do you work with thin and thick plate materials, and do you need high cutting speeds?
  • Do you expect large batch sizes during manufacturing?
  • Are tolerances of ± 0.3 mm acceptable?
  • Would you like to use a combined system for Plasma and Oxy-Cut Technology?

Take advantage of the services offered by our Cutting Center to get competent and practical advice from our specialists. You can only win!

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