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Motorized 3 Roller Roll Bending Machines
DBM 32
For easy, fast and cost-effective tube bending Learn More
Motorized 3 Roller Roll Bending Machines
Motorized drive with foot pedal control and safety switch Learn More
Motorized 3 Roller Roll Bending Machines
Modern design, user-friendly machine with asymetrical mounted rolls Learn More
Hydraulic 4 Roller Roll Bending Machine
Reliable processing of thick steel plates Learn More
NC Hydraulic 4 Roller Roll Bending Machine
Ring / Profile Bender
KPB 30 • 50
Cost-Effective Ring and Profile Benders for universal trade applications Learn More
Manual Folding Machines
Heavy manual folding machine with segmented upper tool Learn More
3 Roller Roll Bending Machines
Rigid cast-iron construction with manually driven rollers Learn More
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Bending Presses

KNUTH Machine Tools offers an extensive tube and profile bending portfolio fulfilling a wide variety of requirements in sheet metal work applications. From manual and hydraulic roll bending machines to large folding machines, it covers many different types, including manual angle-iron benders. KNUTH bending presses are known for superior reliability and precision. For roll bending of elliptical and conical forms, we recommend our hydraulic 4-roller roll bending machines for their guaranteed reliability and accuracy. In addition to hydraulic 4-roller roll bending machines, KNUTH offers CNC or NC Teach-In controls as an option. Any machine can be customized to meet individual needs with our extensive assortment of tools and accessories, including motorized bottom roller adjustment, extended roller ends for profile roller mounting, or digital displays. For a detailed listing, please see the respective product description. All KNUTH bending machines fulfill European standards, undergo rigorous testing by trained professionals in Germany, and bear the CE mark. Our machines are known for their simple user-friendly design to ensure ease of use as well as quick and easy care and maintenance.

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