Manual Presses

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Workshop Presses

KNUTH Machine Tools offers an extensive press portfolio fulfilling a wide variety of requirements in sheet metal work applications. From arbor presses to hydraulic CNC press brakes, this portfolio includes a variety of designs, like eccentric presses, hydraulic workshop presses, and hydraulic presses. High reliability and precision are integral to all our presses. For extra-long and very thick workpieces, we recommend our hydraulic brake presses that handle brake lengths up to 6,100 mm (240") and provide up to 320 metric tons (353 short tons) force. In addition to hydraulic press brakes, KNUTH offers hydraulic workshop presses that are perfectly suited for use in small workshop operations, schools and vocational training centers. Any machine can be customized to meet individual needs with our extensive assortment of tools and accessories, including male dies, clamping tools and radius tools. For a detailed listing of available tools and accessories, please see the respective product description. Every machine will be tested by trained professionals in Germany, and all machines are CE certified. User-friendly control, quick and easy care and low maintenance are typical features of KNUTH machines. Our machines are designed with the user in mind, and are easy to understand and use.

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