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    Universal Tool Grinder - Multi-Grind
    Universal Tool Grinder - Multi-Grind
    Universal Tool Grinder - Multi-Grind Universal Tool Grinder - Outside cylindrical grinding for length up to 400 mm Universal Tool Grinder - High-speed inside cylindrical grinding Universal Tool Grinder - Rigid angle-adjustable workpiece mounts Universal Tool Grinder - Swiveling headstock and extensive accessories Universal Tool Grinder - Saw blade sharpening Universal Tool Grinder - Surface grinder with angular adjustable vise


    Universal Tool Grinder

    Universal Grinder for circular, face, and tool grinding

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    Part No. 102781
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    • Ideal for tool and die construction, mechanical production, design processes. laboratories and training

    The functionality of the Multi-Grind ranges from external and internal cylindrical grinding to taper grinding. The Multi-Grind also allows easy tool grinding (sharpening of cutters, reamers and turning tools) and is suitable for light surface grinding job

    Three-Point Bearing The custom three-point bearing of the grinding spindle ensures minimum temperature effects and consistent grinding quality.

    Feed Drives Hydraulic table feed (longitudinal) with automatic change of direction. An additional manually operated longitudinal feed with hydraulic support allows feed speeds up to 275"/min.

    Grinding Headstock Special grinding headstock design allows simultaneous setup of 2 different grinding wheels. The grinding headstock can be moved in transverse direction and also vertically; and it can be rotated around the vertical axis.

    Speeds The headstock operates at 3 different speeds (110, 200, 300 rpm) which are set through an easy to operate gear shift lever.

    Additional Features... - central lubrication system - sturdy construction - the KNUTH Multi-Grind body is made of solid cast-iron and weight 2860 lbs; minimizes vibration effects - electrical components are mounted easily accessible in a control cabinet

    Technical Data

    Standard Equipment

    coolant system, exhaust vacuum, tool mount / indexing head MT 4, internal grinding unit including 2 die grinders, 4 grinding wheels, 3-jaw chuck (4" diam.), left tailstock, right tailstock MT 2, center point, half center points, balancing station, spindle extension, vise for surface grinding (3-D angle adjustment), spring stop, 5 drivers, various splash guards, grinding wheel guard (2x), Automatic central lubrication, operator manual, test certificate
    Optional Equipment
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