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    Plasma Cutting System - Plasma-Jet DSL 2060 HPR130 XD®
    Plasma Cutting System - Plasma-Jet DSL 2060 HPR130 XD®
    Plasma Cutting System - Plasma-Jet DSL 2060 HPR130 XD®

    Plasma-Jet DSL 2060 HPR130 XD®

    Plasma Cutting System

    World-Class Plasma Cutter Systems based on the know-how and technology of the market leader Hypertherm

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    Part No. 142924
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    • Stand-alone cutter table features rigid steel construction for high load capacity
    • Stand-alone table eliminates thermal and mechanical influences on the plasma cutter system
    • Dual-drive bridge
    • high-quality linear guides on all axes
    • Dynamic AC servo drives on all axes with maintenance-free, zero-backlash planetary gears
    • Low-wear and low-maintenance helical gears are designed for continuous operation
    • Automatic torch height control
    • Quick-coupling for cutter head changes in seconds
    • Available with oxy-fuel cutter head, tube cutter and other options

    Technical Data


    Hypertherm®MicroEDGE® Pro

    Increased quality and productivity for reduced cost using an advanced control technology!

    • HyDefinition cut quality
    • Automatic kerf-width compensation according to material thickness, current and speed
    • Automatically adjusted plunge-cut and cutting height ensure maximum service life of wear parts

    High user comfort

    • Offline software automatically sets up the cutting process parameter
    • Easy configuration of orders with CutPro Wizard
    • User prompts to enter board type and wear part number
    • Tips for cutting optimization
    • Operator manual for CNC, torch height control and plasma source on the operating display
    • Diagnostics via Internet
    • Offline diagnostics via form requisition/CNC software for the parts program

    Standard Equipment

    • Operating system: Windows
    • Industrial PC with 15“ touch-screen monitor
    • Graphical user interface
    • USB port

    Standard Equipment

    Hypertherm Plasmaquelle HPR 130 XD, Hypertherm® Nestmaster® nesting software
    Optional Equipment
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