Manual Guillotine Shears

3 IN 1/1000

One machine for Cutting, Folding and Roll Bending
  • Plate length (max.) 39.37 in
  • Plate thickness (max.) 0.03 in
  • Roll diameter 2 in
Part No. 110047

Working Area
Plate length (max.)39.37 in
Plate thickness (max.)0.03 in
Roll diameter2 in
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)56x23x30 in
Weight572 lbs
Part No. 110047

  • Price without base
  • Ideal combination machine for sheet metal machining up to a length of 39" and a thickness of 0.03"
  • Cutting stop
  • Roll bending starting with diameter of 1.5", adjustable, 39"
  • Folding with a max. angle of 180°, press segments 1-29.5"
  • Adjustable rear stop