Manual Folding Machines


Heavy manual folding machine with segmented upper tool
Working length

  • The series has a rugged, very robust design and is impressively easy to handle while delivering maximum accuracy.
  • All models of this series have a hardened, segmented male die.
  • Segments can be removed individually, so all sides of the basin can be bent
  • Adjustable angular stop for the production of angular small batches
  • A manually adjustable rear gauge is available as an option

SBS E 2020/2,0
Working length 80 in
Plate thickness (max.) 0.08 in
Working height 36 in
Stroke 4.7 in
Bending angle (max.) 135 deg
Adjustment range for A axis 1 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 110.236x33.464x51.181 in
Weight 2,255 lbs
Part No. 131367
SBS E 2540/1,5
100 in
0.06 in
36 in
4.7 in
135 deg
1 in
130.708x28.346x59.055 in
2,750 lbs
SBS E 3020/1,2
119 in
0.05 in
36 in
4.7 in
135 deg
1 in
149.606x28.346x59.055 in
3,047 lbs