Fully-Automatic Horizontal Miter Cutting Band Saws


Fully automated band saw with cut angle adjustment
Cutting capacity 0° (round)

  ABS 325 H NCABS 360 H NCABS 440 H NCABS 540 H NC
Cutting Capacities
Feed per scale division X-axis19.69 in
Cutting speed65.4 - 327 fpm
Cutting capacity 0° (round)13 in14 in18 in21 in
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)16x12 in24x14 in24x17 in26x21 in
Cutting capacity 0° (square)12 in14 in17 in21 in
Cutting capacity 30° (round)13 in14 in18 in21 in
Cutting capacity 30° (flat)15x12 in23x14 in22x17 in26x21 in
Cutting capacity 30° (square)12 in14 in17 in21 in
Cutting capacity 45° (round)12 in14 in17 in20 in
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)12x12 in18x14 in17x17 in18x21 in
Cutting capacity 45° (square)12 in14 in17 in18 in
Cutting capacity in semi-automatic mode
Cutting capacity 60° (round)8 in13 in13 in11 in
Cutting capacity 60° (flat)8x12 in11x14 in10x17 in10x21 in
Cutting capacity 60° (square)8 in11 in11 in10 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive3 Hp4 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp
Motor rating hydraulic pump2 Hp2 Hp3 Hp1.5 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.2 Hp
Measures and Weights
Blade dimensions172.44x1.34x0.04 in204.72x1.34x0.04 in212.6x1.61x0.05 in236.22x1.61x0.05 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)84x85x65 in113x83x72 in113x83x77 in123x93x85 in
Weight4,092 lbs5,280 lbs5,456 lbs8,470 lbs

  • The ABS H NC is a fully automated horizontal band saw series with parallel guiding system, which is ideally suited for series productions with miter cuts in solid materials, tubes, and profiles
  • The torsionally rigid guideway frame provides excellent stability and vibration-damping characteristics
  • The combination of linear guides and box ways results in low maintenance, long tool life and extreme ruggedness under heavy production conditions
  • The fully automated mode allows miter cut angles up to 45°, and the semi-automatic mode up to 60°.
  • A light 3° inclination of the saw frame on the cutting axis will increase cutting capacity and saw blade life
  • Rigid high-precision carbide saw blade guides ensure high vertical angular accuracy
  • The reliable hydraulic unit provides the drive power for the automatic workpiece feed, and also the controlled clamping force for workpiece clamping
  • Hydraulically controlled saw frame micro-feed
  • All switches and controls are conveniently arranged on a stand-alone control panel
  • The reliable Siemens Simatic KP 400 PLC allows for easy and convenient programming for a fully automated operation
  • Unnecessary downtime is reduced by an optically controlled change-over from rapid feed to work feed
  • A motor with infinitely variable speeds transmits power via a continuous-operation idler gear to the machine drive wheel
  • The correct saw blade tension can be verified directly at the pressure gauge display
  • An automatic band breakage control, a high-performance coolant system, and a chip brush complement the standard equipment package
  • Available options for this series include Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and hydraulic bundle clamping

  • operating tools
  • hydraulic part clamping
  • coolant system
  • saw-band
  • saw blade cleaner brush
  • operator manual
  • mechanical saw blade tensioning with hydraulic pressure gauge
  • hydraulic clamping of cutting angle
  • optical height adjustment
  • Siemens Simatic KP 400 SPS-control
  • automatic workpiece feed (hydraulic)
  • digital angle display