Fully-Automatic Horizontal Miter Cutting Band Saws


Advanced technology for high cutting capacity and increased productivity
  • Cutting capacity 0° (round) 24 in
  • Cutting capacity 45° (round) 16 in
Part No. 152825

Cutting Capacities
Cutting speed0 - 327 fpm
Feed per scale division X-axis23.62 in
Cutting capacity 0° (round)24 in
Cutting capacity 0° (square)24 in
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)33x24 in
Cutting capacity 45° (round)16 in
Cutting capacity 45° (square)16 in
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)16x24 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive7.4 Hp
Motor rating hydraulic pump2 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Blade dimensions263.19x2.13x0.06 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)123x134x93 in
Weight8,679 lbs
Part No. 152825

  • For efficient severing cuts of large diameters this heavy machine provides NC-controlled material feeds
  • The robust touchscreen is mounted to a rotating control panel for quick programming and safe handling of the machine
  • The machine frame is a torsion-resistant dual-column construction that ensures superior stability and torsional strength
  • The hydraulically controlled saw frame feed can be infinitely adjusted as needed by the operator
  • The hydraulically controlled vise positions the workpiece in the programmed position, while a second vise secures the workpiece precisely in front of the saw blade
  • The linear measuring system is mounted at the feed system to ensure precise workpiece dimensions and exact repeatability
  • An infinitely variable high-torque servo-motor allows adjustments based on cutting speed

Intuitive operation and efficient control of all parameters

  • Reliable SMART PLC with ruggest touchscreen input panel
  • In Auto Mode, feed distance and number of cuts can be programmed within the respective configuration
  • In Manual Mode, all machine functions can be selected and adjusted via touchscreen
  • Angle adjustments can be made manually
  • Infinitely adjustable saw blade speed with settings shown on the display
  • Individual lengths and miter angles, and the number of required steps can be entered for each cut
  • All machine parameters can be checked by the operator via user-friendly menus

  • PLC control
  • chip removal brush
  • hydraulic vise
  • bimetallic band saw blade
  • touch screen monitor
  • work lamp
  • chip conveyor
  • coolant system
  • material support stand
  • operating tools
  • operator manual