AMF Clamping System

Part No. 252867

Jaw width2.76 in
Bed height L2.76 in
Measures and Weights
Base plate14.2x29.5x1.2 in
Mounting template for 12 workpieces14.2x15.7x0.2 in
Part No. 252867

Automation for intelligent manufacturing

Individually customized automation allows large and small operations to optimize their machines for current and future needs. The investment in smart technology will pay for itself from day 1, because resources will be used most efficiently already in the very first work step, and the system easily can be expanded with a wide spectrum of automated Just adding a clamping system that easily can be installed on a machining center will allow maximum optimization without sacrificing flexibility. Integration of this simple solution can reduce tooling times and double spindle run times. Machine hour cost could be reduced significantly.

AMF Clamping Technology

Cost-effective alternative to robots: The gripper is mounted directly from the machine’s tool magazine into the spindle, where it allows workpiece handling between parts storage and clamping device. • Easy implementation of unmanned shifts resulting in higher machine utilization and increased flexibility • Drastic reduction of tooling times in small to medium batch productions


  • Clamping via pneumatic vise with jaws pads made of 16MnCr5
  • Nitrated and ground