CNC Machining Center

Mouldmaster 1200 SI

Heavy-duty Gantry-type Milling Center with high-capacity cutter spindle provides high axis travel speeds and maximum work accuracy
Part No. 180134
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  • 16000 rpm
  • 20-station disk tool changer, change time 4 sec
  • Rapid speed up to 1400 inch/min
  • HSK-A63 mount
  • 33 Hp headstock motor
  • Automatic tool gauging, incl.
  • Motor spindle with roller bearings (built-in-spindle) ensures maximum stability, axial and radial rigidity for high-speed machining
  • One-piece bridge and rigid base are made of Meehanite cast-iron to ensure maximum geometric accuracy and dynamics
  • Linear roller guide systems for X, Y and Z axis
  • Large precision preloaded ball screws are directly coupled to the drive motors
  • The preloaded ball screws feature an inside cooling system; a control system ensures minimum temperature fluctuations even at the highest feed speeds
  • Large work space for easy tooling of parts

Working Area
Table dimensions47x24 in
Table load capacity (max.)2,200 lbs
Number of T-slots5 positions
T-slots, width0.7 in
T-slots, spacing3.9 in
Spindle axis-to-table surface distance5.91 - 25.59 in
Travel X-axis43 in
Travel Y-axis24 in
Travel Z-axis20 in
Spindle speed16,000 rpm
Spindle mountHSK-A63
Work feed X-axis0 - 787 in/min
Work feed Y-axis0 - 787 in/min
Work feed Z-axis0 - 787 in/min
Positioning accuracies± 0.0002 / 12 in
Repeatabilities0.0002 in
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis1,417 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis1,417 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis1,417 in/min
Number of tool stations20 positions
Tool size Ø x L (max.)2x10 in
Tool weight max.26 lbs
Tool-changing time chip/chip8 s
Tool-change time tool/tool4 s
Tool-changer typeDisk type
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive33.5 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)122.05x90.55x118.11 in
Weight25,300 lbs
Part No. 180134

  • Convenient programming languages via DIN 66025 Editor, plus comprehensive high-level language elements
  • Comprehensive motion control for high-speed machining with Look-ahead function and dynamic feed-forward control
  • Coordinate transformation and machining of inclined surfaces with FRAME
  • Direct/indirect measuring system switchover for high precision and high-speed positioning
  • Infinitely rotating rotary axes
  • Programmable acceleration
  • Jerk-limited acceleration
  • Follow-up mode
  • Contour violation prediction system
  • Configurable number of intermediate blocks for tool radius compensation
  • Tool radius compensation with approach and retraction strategies and intersection point calculation
  • Interpolator spindle pitch and measurement system error compensation
  • Backlash compensation
  • Quadrant error compensation
  • Conveniently placed operator panels with horizontal and vertical soft-keys
  • Universal RS 232 C (V.24) interface
  • 10,TFT 4“ flat screen monitor
  • I/O via universal interface during machining operations

Additional ShopMill Software:

  • The Technology Package for the Shop Floor
  • Extremely short programming time for single parts and small series
  • Clear step-by-step implementation of technology-specific production steps
  • Total flexibility thanks to high-performance DIN / ISO programming for maximum variety of machining options
  • Text editor for large mold making programs
  • Wide range of standard cycles
  • Simulation with real tool data provides for maximum process safety
  • Calculation of the expected processing time
  • Operator prompts for the definition of tool zero points and tool lengths result in extremly short set-up times
  • Simple and clear tool management function
  • Import of DXF files via optional CAD reader
  • Machining of contour pockets with up to 12 isolated contours
  • Cutting of contour spigots with up to 12 isolated contours
  • Insertion strategy: straight, inclined, helical

ShopMill is available for Sinumerik 810D/840D/840DI/840D sl

  • Siemens 810 D power lind
  • 20-station tool changer
  • cooled preloaded ball screws on 3 axes
  • tool measuring system
  • chip blow-out system
  • control cabinet with heat-exchanger
  • chip conveyor
  • central lubrication
  • RS-232 interface
  • operating tools
  • feet and bolts