Manual Workshop Presses


Ideal for craft shops, schools and training facilities
Pressure force

For any repair and installation work, e.g.:

  • Removal and installation of press-fit bearings, bolts and bushings
  • Straightening beams, shafts, axles and sections
  • Pressing and crimping
  • Load tests and weld sample testing
  • Straightening of workpieces
  • Material testing
  • Rigid machine frame featuring a carefully machined weldment structure
  • Hydraulic pump can be operated by hand or foot control
  • 2-step hydraulics - with change-over switch for changing between quick-stroke and work stroke
  • The support table features a rigid design, but is easy to handle with adjustable height
  • Standard multi-function die featuring a large belt width - for straightening flat materials and shafts - for machining workpieces in axial direction
  • Table lifting system

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