CNC Box-Way Lathes

TubeTurn CNC

CNC Tube Cut-off Lathe with large spindle bore and dual lathe chuck
Travel X-axis

  • This machine was designed for use in demanding petroleum industry applications and integrates decades of experience
  • The wide machine bed features large, hardened and ground guideways and high rigidity
  • Machining lengths up to 118 inch - expandable to 63 inch upon request
  • Massive headstock with main spindle running in tapered roller bearings, and 2 lathe chuck mounts
  • Spindle bore 14 inch (standard) - Up to 25 inch through-bore upon request
  • Fanuc 0i-TF-V with Manual Guide 0i features advanced control technology and maximum reliability
  • High-torque drives and preloaded ball screws on all axes
  • Automatic 2-step gears with 2 infinitely variable speed ranges
  • Hardened and ground gears for effective power transmission
  • Powerful main drive motor with 40 HP rating
  • Heavy-duty 4-station tool holder with automatic tool changing function
  • Including high-performance coolant system, and central lubrication unit

TubeTurn CNC 2830
Turning diameter over bed 39 in
Turning-Ø over support 26 in
Bed width 24 in
Center height 20 in
Machining length (max.) 118 in
Travel X-axis 23.6 in
Travel Z-axis 110 in
Speed range 5 - 450 rpm
Spindle bore 11 in
Rapid Feed X-axis 157.48 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis 236.22 in/min
Number of tool stations 4 positions
Positioning accuracy X-axis 0.00118 in
Positioning accuracy Z-axis 0.00236 in
Repeatability X-axis 0.00047 in
Repeatability Z-axis 0.00098 in
Tailstock taper MT 6
Tailstock quill diameter 5 in
Tailstock quill stroke 10 in
Motor rating main drive 24.8 Hp
Motor rating X-axis 3.4 Hp
Motor rating Z-axis 3.35 Hp
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 228.346x55.118x59.055 in
Weight 17,600 lbs
Part No. 180630
TubeTurn CNC 3630
39 in
24 in
30 in
20 in
118 in
24 in
110 in
3 - 315 rpm
14 in
157.48 in/min
236.22 in/min
4 positions
0.00118 in
0.00236 in
0.00472 in
0.00098 in
metric 80
6 in
12 in
40.2 Hp
4 Hp
4.02 Hp
248.031x78.74x68.897 in
28,600 lbs

Fanuc 0i TF control

  • Easy programming and operation, short learning curve
  • User-friendly graphics display for visual verification of parts programs
  • Use of existing programs without reprogramming requirements
  • High-speed machining and standard nano-interpolation
  • Fixed cycles and custom macro B for simplified parts programming
  • State-of-the-Art functionality, like jerk limitation, nano smoothing, and Al Contour Control ll - compatibile with previous version series 0 and series 0i models A, B, C and D
  • Series 0i Model F are the successor models of the Series 0 and Series 0i, which are the most popular CNC controls worldwide with over 700,000 installations.
  • With up to 4 simultaneously controlled axes, the CNC Series 0i provides the best controls for highly demanding machine tools.

  • Fanuc 0i-TF V with Manual Guide 0i
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • two 4-jaw faceplate lathe chucks 31 inch Ø
  • automatic 2-step gears
  • 4-station tool holder
  • steady rest 2" - 19"
  • coolant system
  • central lubrication
  • Mechanical tailstock
  • work lamp
  • operating tools
  • operating manual and programming instructions