Hydraulic Folding Machines


Hydraulic Folding Machines for high angular accuracy
Product Selection

  • Rigid machine frame and powerful hydraulics ensure superior production quality, accuracy and reliability
  • Design and equipment allow high machining speed with short tooling time and minimum down time
  • Powerful drives feature with up to 13.4 hp, low-maintenance hydraulics
  • Hydraulic upper die adjustment with clamping pressure control and display at the control panel
  • Fine adjustment of the clamping gap to avoid damages to the workpiece surface
  • Lower beam with manual adjustment and crowning
  • Manually adjustable rear stop (23.6 in), and angular positioning control M15S with LED-Display are standard equipment
  • Bending angles up to 135°
  • Segmented upper die with segment divisions of 3 in (7 each), 4 in (3 each), 5 in (7 each) and 6 in (2 each)
  • Flexible operation with mobile triple foot switch

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  • positioning control M15S
  • Manual rear stop
  • Segmented upper die 3” - 6”
  • Mobile foot switch
  • operating tools
  • operator manual