Universal Milling Machines


Solid Universal Milling Machine for drilling and milling work requiring long travel distances
Part No. 301410

  • All 3 axis with automatic feed and rapid feeds
  • Vertical head swivels ± 45°
  • Spindle speeds for horizontal and vertical spindle controlled by separate switch gears with oil-bath lubrication
  • Capstan-controlled quill feed for drilling, manual micro-feed for milling
  • For horizontal spindle operations, the top beam including head can be completely rotated on the stand
  • 3 automatic quill feeds
  • Adjustable ground dovetail guide ways on the X-axis and wide square guide ways on Y and Z-axis
  • Clamping device in all 3 axis
  • Adjustable stops for drilling depth and table adjustment

3-axis position indicator

  • More accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Resulting in valuable time savings
  • For increased productivity
  • Easy to read display
  • Operator-specific features
  • Convenient keyboard layout
  • Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
  • Default coordinates
  • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Calculator function
  • Storage for 10 tools
  • Radius / diameter toggle
  • Mm/inch conversion
  • Easy expansion and maintenance-free operation

Working Area
Table set up area52x13 in
Number of T-slots5 positions
T-slots, width0.6 in
T-slots, spacing2 in
Table load capacity (max.)660 lbs
Travel X-axis29.5 in
Travel Y-axis10 in
Travel Z-axis17 in
Vertical Milling Head
Spindle mountISO 40
Quill stroke5 in
Throat8 - 21 in
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance6 - 21 in
Head swivel range± 45°
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis40.31 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis40.31 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis26.38 in/min
Horizontal Milling Spindle
Spindle mountISO 40
Spindle speed (horizontal)(12) 38 - 1,310 rpm
Horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance2 - 18 in
Feed speed X-axis(8) 1 - 14 in/min
Feed speed Y-axis(8) 1 - 14 in/min
Quill feeds(3) 0.003, 0.006, 0.01 in/R
Horizontal milling heada
Spindle mountISO 40
Drive Capacity
Motor rating horizontal spindle3 Hp
Motor rating vertical spindle3 Hp
Motor rating feed0.7 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)67.323x67.716x91.732 in
Weight3,960 lbs
Part No. 301410

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • drill chuck 5/8"
  • cutter arbor Ø 1"
  • cutter arbor Ø 1.5"
  • collet chuck -ISO 40- with collets (0.16",0.2",0.24",0.31",0.39",0.47",0.55",0.63" diam.)
  • reducing sleeve ISO 40 / MT3 and ISO 40 / MT2
  • coolant system
  • chip tray
  • work lamp
  • operating tools
  • operator manual