CNC Machining Center

X.mill ECO

Entry-level system for production-class vertical machining centers
Travel X-axis

Mineral-casting reduces vibration 6 times faster than cast-iron (cast iron) and up to 10 times faster than steel - ensuring exceptionally quiet operation and excellent milling capacity. Excellent thermal stability handles the challenges in everyday production Environments

  • Our bestseller, the X.mill M 640 ECO, features a machine frame with mineral-casting base - mineral-casting reduces vibration 6 times faster than cast iron (GG25) - ensuring exceptionally quiet operation and excellent milling capacity
  • Reliable, compact machining center with extensive equipment for streamlined, cost-effective series productions
  • Premium linear guides and powerful servo drives on all axes
  • Totally enclosed work space with side doors ensures maximum safety and flexibility
  • Siemens 808D Advanced TTL control: cost-effective, easy to handle, superior reliability backed by worldwide service, including software for external programming
  • Standard electronic hand-wheel
  • Automatic central lubrication system

X.mill 420 ECO
Table dimensions 31x10 in
Table load capacity 330 lbs
Number of T-slots 5 positions
T-slots, width 0.6 in
T-slots, spacing 2 in
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 3 - 19 in
Travel X-axis 16 in
Travel Y-axis 10 in
Travel Z-axis 16 in
Spindle speed 10,000 rpm
Spindle throat 12 in
Spindle mount BT 30
Work feed X-axis 4 - 157 in/min
Work feed Y-axis 4 - 157 in/min
Work feed Z-axis 4 - 157 in/min
Number of tool stations 10 positions
Tool Ø 3 (4) in
Tool length (max.) 8 in
Tool weight max. 11 lbs
Tool-changing time chip/chip 9 sec
Tool-change time tool/tool 7 sec
Positioning accuracy 0.00039 in
Repeatability 0.0002 in
Rapid Feed X-axis 472 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis 472 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis 394 in/min
Motor rating main drive 7.4 Hp
Main drive, continuous load 4.96 Hp
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 72.8x51.2x86.6 in
Weight 3,300 lbs
Part No. 181292
X.mill M 640 ECO
30x14 in
1,100 lbs
3 positions
0.7 in
3.9 in
3 - 23 in
25 in
16 in
20 in
10,000 rpm
17 in
BT 40
0 - 472 in/min
0 - 472 in/min
0 - 472 in/min
12 positions
2 (4) in
8 in
18 lbs
9 sec
7 sec
0.00039 in
0.0002 in
1,417 in/min
1,417 in/min
945 in/min
14.8 Hp
10.06 Hp
90.6x70.9x90.6 in
9,240 lbs
+/- 0,0004 in
+/- 0,0002 in

  • SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCE -- the perfect solution for modern standard machines
  • In combination with a new generation of spindle and axis drives, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCE with 8.4" LCD provides an innovative ready-to-use digital CNC solution for modern standard machines
  • This is topped by a guaranteed superior price/performance ratio
  • CNC and drive communicate via a high-speed bus to ensure efficient positioning control plus high precision and optimum cutting performance
  • This globally leading CNC technology provides high performance and power for the control of standard lathes

Advantages - Digital solution provides higher precision:

  • Increased overload capacity supports a faster acceleration and deceleration of machine tools
  • Constant cutting speeds result in an increased surface quality of the workpiece

Increased ruggedness:

  • The SINAMICS features a wide voltage range to prevent machine shut-downs during poor voltage supply conditions. This will significantly reduce machine down-times.
  • During heavy machining operations, an automatic spindle torque adjustment will help protect machining tools and spindle systems.

Increased operator comfort:

  • A fast Ethernet connection facilitates easy start-up and diagnostics of machine tools and simplifies NC program use

  • Siemens 808D Advanced TTL control
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • spiral chip conveyor
  • servo drive for all 3 axes
  • 12-station tool changer
  • control cabinet with heat-exchanger
  • totally enclosed work space
  • CE-certified safety glass
  • Door safety interlock
  • LED work lamp
  • chip tray
  • automatic central lubrication
  • compressed air gun
  • Manual coolant spray gun
  • leveling plates and jacks
  • operating tools
  • operator manual