CNC Machining Center

X.mill M 900

Precision and speed on a solid foundation

  • Mineral-casting machine base with cast-iron stand
  • Mineral-casting reduces vibration 6 times faster than cast-iron (cast iron) and up to 10 times faster than steel - ensuring exceptionally quiet operation and excellent milling capacity. Excellent thermal stability handles the challenges in everyday production Environments
  • Superior mechanical properties of the total component package ensure longer tool life
  • Standard mainspindlemotor with 10.000 rpm/min
  • Spindle oil-cooler ensures stable thermal conditions during continuous operation
  • Precise linear guides on all axes feature stainless steel guards for reliable protection
  • Precision preloaded ball screws and powerful servo-drives on all 3 axes
  • Dual-arm 16-station tool changer for quick and precise tool changes
  • Enclosed work space ensures safe and contamination-free work
  • An electronic hand-wheel and very accessible work table for easy setup of clamping tools and workpieces
  • LED lighting ensures good visibility in the Workspace
  • Effective coolant system ensures optimum use of tools and excellent chip removal
  • An automatic lubrication system reduces the operator's workload and simplifies maintenance

X.mill M 900
Table dimensions 37x22 in
Table load capacity 1,540 lbs
Number of T-slots 5 positions
T-slots, width 0.7 in
T-slots, spacing 3.9 in
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 4 - 31 in
Spindle center-to-stand distance 24 in
mer_aaceae Fanuc 0i MF (5)
Travel X-axis 33 in
Travel Y-axis 22 in
Travel Z-axis 28 in
Spindle speed 10,000 rpm
Spindle mount BT 40
Work feed X-axis 0 - 472 in/min
Work feed Y-axis 0 - 472 in/min
Work feed Z-axis 0 - 472 in/min
Number of tool stations 24 positions
Tool Ø 3 / 5 in
Tool length (max.) 12 in
Tool weight max. 18 lbs
Tool-changing time chip/chip 4 sec
Tool-change time tool/tool 2 sec
Positioning accuracies ± 0.0001 in
Repeatabilities ± 10 in
Rapid Feed X-axis 1,890 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis 1,890 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis 1,260 in/min
Motor rating main drive 20.1 Hp
Main drive, continuous load 14.75 Hp
Motor rating for X-axis drive 4 Hp
Motor rating for Y-axis drive 4 Hp
Motor rating for Z-axis drive 4 Hp
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 102.4x87.4x104.3 in
Weight 13,200 lbs
Part No. 181362
X.mill M 900
37x22 in
1,540 lbs
5 positions
0.7 in
3.9 in
4 - 31 in
24 in
Siemens 828D
33 in
22 in
28 in
10,000 rpm
BT 40
0 - 472 in/min
0 - 472 in/min
0 - 472 in/min
24 positions
3 / 5 in
12 in
18 lbs
4 sec
2 sec
± 0.0001 in
± 10 in
1,890 in/min
1,890 in/min
1,260 in/min
16.1 Hp
12.07 Hp
4 Hp
4 Hp
4 Hp
102.4x87.4x104.3 in
13,200 lbs

The top specialist for demanding milling operations

Compact, robust, maintenance-free CNC control panel conveniently located for easy programming and parameter input via QWERTY keyboard

Adjustable zero offsets

synchronous actions and quick help function Output Siemens Sinumerik 828D

maximum machining precision

intelligent kinematic transformations for machining of cylindrical parts, and for angled workpiece levels

SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new Advanced Surface feature: for perfect part surfaces and shortest machining times in mold making applications

Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC highlights, specifications and features

ShopMill: shortest programming time for single parts and small batch productions

programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions

unique spectrum of technology cycles - from milling contours with residual material recognition to process measurements

Animated Elements: unique operation and programming assistance with animated sequences

modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)

Easy Message: maximum machine availability due to process monitoring per texting (SMS)

SINUMERIK MDynamics package with Advanced Surface for mold making applications

Jerk-limited acceleration

dynamic feed-forward control

4-axis simultaneous interpolation (X, Y, Z and rotary axis)

linear, circular and helical interpolation

tapping without compensating chuck, plus thread cutting

oriented spindle holder

toggle between inch and metric units

FRAME concept for individual coordinate transformations, rotations, scaling and mirroring

  • Control Siemens 828D with Shopmill
  • 14' color display
  • Rigid tapping
  • signal-lamp for program status
  • 24-station tool changer with dual-arm
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • spiral chip conveyor
  • enclosed work space
  • control cabinet with A/C
  • automatic central lubrication
  • LED work lamp
  • spindle oil cooler
  • coolant system
  • compressed air gun
  • Manual coolant spray gun
  • setup of ICS
  • setup of fourth axis
  • 5 bar chip flushing system
  • leveling plates and jacks
  • operating tools
  • operating manual and programming instructions