Universal Milling Machines

VHF 3.2

Universal milling machine with wide spectrum of applications
Part No. 301411

  • Extremely rigid machine bed made of high-strength HT-200 cast-iron with heavy ribbing
  • Quiet, precision-made headstock gears with hardened and ground gears
  • The milling table features a large setup area and can be rotated in linear direction
  • The cutter head quill features a 3-step automatic feed and automatic depth shut-off, but can also be moved manually
  • For angular bores, the vertical cutter head swivels in two directions: r + l ±90°; tilt fwd + rev ±45°
  • Spindle speed of vertical cutter head is infinitely variable over a wide speed range; an auxiliary gearbox ensures powerful torque
  • Vertical and horizontal spindle each have their separate drive
  • Standard outer arbor support with bronze plain bearings accommodates long milling arbors in the horizontal spindle
  • Powerful axis servo-motors allow infinite adjustment of feeds on all 3 axes
  • Minimum downtime due to rapid positioning of work table and rapid feeds in all axes
  • Control panel swivels for comfortable operation
  • Coolant system and chip tray are included

Working Area
Table set up area54x13 in
Table load capacity (max.)660 lbs
Number of T-slots3 positions
T-slots, width0.6 in
T-slots, spacing3.1 in
Milling table swivel range45 deg
Travel X-axis39.4 in
Travel Y-axis14 in
Travel Z-axis16 in
Vertical Milling Head
Speed range50 - 3,750 rpm
Spindle mount ISO 40
Throat7 - 34 in
Vertical spindle-to-table surface distance6.3 - 22.05 in
Milling head swivel range90 deg
Cutter head tilt angle45 deg
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis52.56 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis52.56 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis39.37 in/min
Horizontal Milling Spindle
Spindle speed (horizontal)(12) 35 - 1,500 rpm
Spindle mountISO 40
Horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance3 - 19 in
Feed speed X-axis(8) 1 - 33 in/min
Feed speed Y-axis(8) 1 - 33 in/min
Feed speed Z-axis(8) 1 - 25 in/min
Drive Capacity
Main drive motor rating (vertical)5 Hp
Main drive motor rating (horizontal)4 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)74.803x68.897x92.519 in
Weight4,290 lbs
Part No. 301411

  • chip tray
  • coolant system
  • central lubrication
  • 3-axis position indicator
  • operator manual
  • M16 draw bar
  • operating tools
  • cutter arbor Ø 1"