Laser Cutting Machines

D.Laser MT

Cuts large-size sheet metal plates, delivers superior cut quality and maximizes productivity
fiber laser

Equipped with fiber lasers with various beam powers. Lowest operating cost due to highest efficiency.

  • Robust machine frame made of welded, low-stress annealed steel construction
  • Massive gantry design capable to absorb high axis loads and acceleration forces
  • Automatic changing table system with electric height adjustment (optional) to minimize down-times; table can be loaded and unloaded during the cutting process
  • Small parts, residue and slag are transported on a conveyor underneath the cutting table towards the font (operator side of the machine) for quick and easy removal
  • Maintenance-free beam guide is provided by a flexible fiberoptic cable and long life of the laser source is ensured
  • Laser cutting process takes place within a sealed, laser-safe enclosure, whereby machining can be monitored through a protective glass window
  • CNC control based on Sinumerik 840 D with application-specific user interface
  • Technology database includes cutting parameters and pre-set cycles for various metals
  • CAD/CAM software (METALIX or LANTEK) with various nesting options to ensure optimal use of materials

Depending on the installed laser power, different cutting heads are used and these cutting head guarantee excellent cut quality:

  • LightCutter up to 1.5 kW with manually adjustable focal position
  • ProCutter starting at 2 kW (see picture) with CNC controlled focal position and integrated cutting head monitoring
  • Automatic laser nozzle cleaning

Please configure your machine to see technical data!

  • Complete system including CNC control (Sinumerik 840 D)
  • Ytterbium fiber laser
  • fiberoptic cable
  • High-pressure cutter head
  • capacitive height sensing
  • laser protection booth
  • manual extricable cutting table
  • small parts and slag conveyor
  • central lubrication
  • coolant regeneration
  • Vacuum and filter system
  • CAD/CAM software (CypCut)
  • operating manual and programming instructions