Water Cutting Machines

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Water Cutting Machines
Hydro-Jet Vario 1313
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Water-Jet Cutting: A true all-rounder - not just for sheet metal work

Water-jet cutting is a truly universal genius among the cutting processes: It is capable of cutting virtually any material. Additionally, it can cut through thicknesses that would be impossible to sever with laser or plasma cutting systems. KNUTH offers various water-jet cutter models with a long proven record that have been continuously improved over the years: from the entry-level Hydro-Jet ECO all the way to the powerful Water-Jet. All our cutting systems can be equipped with various options, like 5-axis cutter heads.

Advantages of water-jet cutting compared to thermal cutting processes:

  • Ability to cut much thicker materials
  • Thin materials can be stacked for cutting (these stacks would melt, if thermal cutting processes were used)
  • Wide variety of materials
  • No thermal effects on material
  • Significantly better accuracy when cutting thicker materials
  • Effectivity: Multiple cutter heads allow efficient scaling based on production quantity

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