CNC Flat Bed Lathes


Proven design featuring CNC precision
Turning-Ø over bed (max.)
Travel Z-axis

  DL E 900/2000 CNCDL E 900/3000DL E 900/4000 CNCDL E 1100/2000 CNCDL E 1100/3000 CNCDL E 1100/4000 CNC
Working Area
Center height18 in18 in18 in22 in22 in22 in
Workpiece length (max.)79 in118 in157 in79 in118 in157 in
Turning-Ø over bed (max.)36 in36 in36 in43 in43 in43 in
Turning-Ø over support21 in21 in21 in28 in28 in28 in
Turning length (max.)67 in106 in146 in67 in106 in146 in
Bed width24 in
Work piece weight between centers (max.)4,400 lbs
Travel X-axis20.5 in
Travel Z-axis79 in118 in154 in79 in118 in154 in
Speed range(4) 10 - 630 rpm
Spindle mountD1-11
Lathe chuck diameter20 in
Spindle bore4 in
Bar capacity (incl. chuck)4 in
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed X-axis314.96 in/min
Rapid feed Z-axis393.7 in/min
Tool Head
Number of tool stations4 positions
Turning tool dimension2x2 in
Boring bar mount diameter1.2 in
Positioning accuracy X-axis± 0.0016 in± 0.0016 in± 0.0016 in± 0.0016 in± 0.0016 in± 0.0015 in
Positioning accuracy Z-axis± 0.002 in± 0.0024 in± 0,06 in± 0.002 in± 0.0024 in± 0.0024 in
Repeatability X-axis± 0,011 in
Repeatability Z-axis± 0,018 in± 0,02 in± 0,022 in± 0,018 in± 0,020 in± 0,022 in
Tailstock taperMT 6
Tailstock quill diameter4 in
Tailstock quill stroke10 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive20.1 Hp
Torque of drive X2
Torque of drive Z3
Motor rating coolant pump0.5 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)170x86x85 in209x86x85 in249x86x85 in178x89x96 in217x89x96 in256x89x96 in
Weight14,520 lbs15,840 lbs17,160 lbs15,268 lbs16,588 lbs17,908 lbs

  • The combination of a tried and tested machine base with state-of-the-art CNC technology results in a cost-effective solution for the production of large workpieces

Machine Frame

  • Heavy ribbed machine bed with wide, hardened bed guides and V-blocks, ideal for heavy-duty machining
  • The overall construction provides plenty of space for the safe handling of large and heavy workpieces
  • The wide support with long guideways ensures excellent damping of vibration and superior rigidity
  • An automatic 4-station tool holder for program-controlled tool changes is part of the standard equipment, an 8-station tool turret is optional


  • Headstock and main spindle are designed for maximum rigidity and vibration damping for optimum performance during heavy-duty machining
  • This series features a large spindle bore
  • The powerful main motor with manual 4-speed transmission provides high torque across the entire speed range


  • The preloaded ball screws connect powerful drives via zero-loss transmission clutches
  • A dynamic feed with higher than usual rapid-feed speeds increase productivity


  • The Siemens 828 D Basic provides intuitive, easy to learn programming features and comes with excellent support and service


  • The massive tailstock design allows machining of long and heavy shafts
  • The hydraulically moved quill can be controlled via a foot switch
  • The tailstock can be coupled to the support for easy positioning by the user


  • A high-performance coolant system and automatic central lubrication system are included
  • Electronic hand-wheel for easy and quick set-up of new workpieces and tools
  • The high-grade electronics are housed in an air-conditioned control cabinet for reliable protection against contamination, high temperatures, and humidity
  • The machine enclosure ensures safety and cleanliness while featuring wide opening door elements for optimum accessibility
  • Selected options, like a VDI turret with driven tool stations, can be added for increased functionality and productivity

  • Siemens 828 D Basic control
  • machine housing (full cover)
  • automatic 4-station tool changer
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • 3-jaw chuck Ø 19.5"
  • set hard jaws
  • set of soft jaws
  • hydraulic tailstock quill
  • coolant system
  • central lubrication
  • control cabinet with A/C
  • warning beacon
  • work lamp
  • operator instructions