Small Machines and Equipment

DSB 300 D

Rigid Dual Pedestal Grinders for industrial and commercial operations
  • Speed 1,450 rpm
  • Motor rating main drive 3 Hp
  • Grinding wheels dimensions 12x2x3 in
Part No. 112150

Working Area
Speed1,450 rpm
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Grinding wheels dimensions12x2x3 in
Weight185 lbs
Part No. 112150

  • Heavy-duty design with rigid cast-iron body and maintenance-free motor
  • Balanced rotor and premium bearings ensure quiet operation and optimum results
  • Safety always comes first: emergency stop switch and safety observation shield
  • Premium components for long tool life and endurance under rough workshop conditions

  • base
  • safety observation shield
  • 2 universal corundum wheels