Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma-Jet DSK

World-Class Plasma Cutter System integrates know-how and technology of Kjellberg
Cutting Width
Cutting length

Please select the plasma source with the required power.

  • Smart Focus 130 – maximum cutting capacity 1.6 inch, plunge-cuts 1 inch, recommended range 0.04 – 1.2 inch
  • Smart Focus 200 – maximum cutting capacity 2.4 inch, plunge-cuts 1.2 inch, recommended range 0.04 – 1.6 inch
  • Smart Focus 300 – maximum cutting capacity 3 inch, plunge-cuts 1.6 inch, recommended range 0.04 – 2 inch
  • Smart Focus 400 – maximum cutting capacity 4 inch, plunge-cuts 2 inch, recommended range for stainless steel 0.04-3 inch

For more information on plasma sources, please follow the link in the Optional Equipment section. Click on the box to select the desired option.

  • Extremely rigid design for maximum cutting precision
  • Dual-drive bridge
  • High-quality linear guides on all axes
  • Dynamic AC servo drives on all axes with maintenance-free, zero-backlash planetary gears
  • Low-wear and low-maintenance helical gears are designed for continuous operation
  • Optimum bed speed even for fine contours and tight radii
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Stand-alone cutter table features rigid steel construction for high load capacity
  • Stand-alone table eliminates thermal and mechanical influences on the plasma cutter system
  • Minimized tooling time ensure maximum cost savings
  • Use the existing cutting parameters stored in the control to find the optimum cut

Please configure your machine to see technical data!

  • Eckelmann control with touch screen
  • Height controlled Z axis
  • work table with vacuum connection and electric/pneumatic shutter control for vacuum
  • Standard geometry library at the control
  • operating manual and programming instructions
  • Automatic gas supply for all metals
  • Libellula CAD/CAM nesting software