Semi-Automatic Horizontal Straight Cutting Band Saws

HB 300 PLC

Band saw with touchscreen and hydraulic workpiece clamping
Part No. 152823

Cutting Capacities
Cutting speed98, 164, 246, 295 fpm
Cutting capacity 0° (round)12 in
Cutting capacity 0° (square)12 in
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)20x12 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive4 Hp
Motor rating hydraulic pump1 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Blade dimensions164.57x1.34x0.04 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)81x47x58 in
Weight2,387 lbs
Part No. 152823

  • Rigid saw frame and rugged column guide ensure high precision and angular accuracy
  • User-friendly control panel with rugged touchscreen
  • Hydraulically controlled saw frame feed via generously spaced column guide
  • Hydraulic vise ensures secure hold during cutting cycle
  • Saw blade speed can be adjusted to 4 settings
  • Precise, rigid saw blade guides ensure long saw blade life and high cutting precision
  • Automatic saw blade overload control ensures long saw blade life
  • Support table with integrated feed rollers simplifies material handling

  • work lamp
  • operating tools
  • coolant system
  • touch screen monitor
  • operator manual
  • hydraulic vise
  • bimetallic band saw blade
  • material support base with roller