Semi-Automatic Band Saws

HB 380 L

Exact sawing of large and very large workpieces
Part No. 152802

For precise sawing of sections and solid material like steel, aluminum and other material

  • Every model of this series provides infinitely variable cutting speeds from 66 to 328 ft/min
  • Powerful, low-maintenance motors for high reliability
  • Hydraulic workpiece clamping is now standard equipment on all models
  • Pressure gauge ensures correct saw blade tension for increased blade life and lower cost
  • Removable coolant reservoir for simplified maintenance

with linear guide technology!

  • Torsion-proof steel construction with dual-column guide – rigid and vibration absorbing
  • The saw frame features a mono-frame design for travel across large linear guides
  • Advanced hydraulic saw frame feed with new pressure regulating system (PAS) allows optimum adjustment for every sawing task: infinitely variable feed speed and cutting power control provide a wide spectrum of machining possibilities with just one saw blade type
  • The control valve features identifications and labeling for sheets, solid materials and various other material types to provide maximum user-friendly handling
  • Optical registration of the workpiece height allows fully automated empty runs in rapid feed mode for a timely optimum change-over to work feed as well as limiting the vertical saw frame travel and keeping down-times to a minimum

Cutting Capacities
Cutting capacity 90° round15 in
Cutting capacity 90° - square15 in
Cutting capacity 90° - flat20x15 in
Cutting capacity 45° - round12 in
Cutting capacity 45° - square12 in
Cutting capacity 45° - flat12x15 in
Cutting speed780 - 3,900 in/min
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive4 Hp
Motor rating hydraulic pump0.7 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.2 Hp
Measures and Weights
Belt dimensions188.98x1.34x0.04 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)112.204x65.354x36.614 in
Weight2,530 lbs
Part No. 152802

  • bimetallic band saw blade
  • Mechanical saw blade tensioning with hydraulic pressure gauge
  • hydraulic part clamping
  • automatic stroke height adjustment
  • feed roller table 47"
  • PAS system
  • coolant system
  • operator manual