Hydraulic Folding Machines


Hydraulic Folding Machines for high angular accuracy
Working length
Bending capacity, structural steel
Bending capaicty, stainless steel

  HBM 2045HBM 2065HBM 2545HBM 2565HBM 3145HBM 3165
Working Area
Working length80 in80 in100 in100 in122 in122 in
Bending capacity, structural steel0.18 in0.26 in0.18 in0.26 in0.18 in0.26 in
Bending capaicty, stainless steel0.12 in0.18 in0.12 in0.18 in0.12 in0.18 in
Bending bar angle (range)0-135°
Top beam travel4 in
Adj. lower bending beam1 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive7.4 Hp10.1 Hp7.4 Hp10.1 Hp7.4 Hp10.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Hydraulic tank volume23.76 gal
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)130x62x75 in130x62x75 in154x67x75 in154x69x81 in178x69x77 in178x69x81 in
Weight7,040 lbs9,522 lbs11,220 lbs13,640 lbs12,100 lbs15,620 lbs

  • Rigid machine frame and powerful hydraulics ensure superior production quality, accuracy and reliability
  • Design and equipment allow high machining speed with short tooling time and minimum down time
  • Powerful drives feature, low-maintenance hydraulics
  • Hydraulic upper die adjustment with clamping pressure control and display at the control panel
  • Fine adjustment of the clamping gap to avoid damages to the workpiece surface
  • Lower beam with manual adjustment and crowning
  • Manually adjustable rear stop (23.6 in), and angular positioning control M15S with LED-Display are standard equipment
  • Bending angles up to 135°
  • Segmented upper die with segment divisions of 3 in (7 each), 4 in (3 each), 5 in (7 each) and 6 in (2 each) (HBM 2045)
  • Flexible operation with mobile triple foot switch

  • positioning control M15S
  • manual rear stop
  • segmented upper die 3” - 6”
  • mobile foot switch
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions