High pressure pump BHDT Servotron 40.37

Energy efficient high-pressure pump with high dynamic variable frequency drive (50 HP) delivers up to 1 gal water per minute
Part No. 251225

  • Approximately 15% more energy effient than asynchronous motors
  • Soft start upon high-pressure pump startup and reduced power consumption
  • Infinitely variable pressure from 1,450 to 58,000 psi for a wider spectrum of applications
  • Virtually no pulsation during jet startup - no chipping of brittle materials
  • Minimal pressure fluctuations of only ± 1% at full load - increased life of high-pressure components and improved cut quality
  • No overshoots and minimal pressure inrush when turning the water-jet on and off - protects the entire high-pressure system all the way to the cutter head

No power consumption while jet is closed

High pressure system
Motor rating49.6 Hp
Flow rate1 gal/min
Max. operating pressure58,000 psi
Dual stroke (max.)35 rpm
Environmental temperature for oil/air cooler10 - 35°
Environmental temperature for oil/water cooler10 - 45°
High pressure pump dimensions77x38x55 in
Weight2,112 lbs
Part No. 251225