C-Frame Presses


Die Press and Try-Out Press
Pressure force

  • Large ram plates and work tables for large workpieces or multiple clamping
  • Strong hydraulic cylinder and two circular guides ensure uniform and precise feeding during press operation
  • Ideal for die pressing, blanking, bending and much more
  • Stroke length with quick adaption to next tool
  • Ram plate and work table with T-slots for tool clamping
  • Firmly bolted work table
  • Advance and reverse jog operation for easy machine set-up
  • Stroke limit adjustable by micro-switch
  • Optimum table height
  • 2-stage hydraulic pump

Please configure your machine to see technical data!

  • ram plate and work table with T-slots
  • adjustable ram stroke
  • pressure gauge
  • manual control lever
  • operator manual