C-Frame Presses


For stamping, forming and deep drawing
Pressure force

Quality and Reliability - Made in Europe

  • The robust, rigid machine frame is of superior workmanship
  • Dual-action cylinder with removable ram plate
  • Easy to read scale for convenient piston stroke adjustments
  • Adjustable pressure control for application-specific power adjustment
  • Table and ram plate each feature two T-slots to accommodate large Tools
  • Safety foot switch plus side safety guards and light barriers with safety level 5 ensure operator safety and uninterrupted production
  • Idle run and work speed plus manual or semi-automatic operation can be preselected as needed
  • Modern machine design with interesting options, like CNC control or requirement-specific geometry Adaptation

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  • Ram plate
  • Work surface
  • foot pedal
  • light barrier
  • operator manual