Machine Vise

HS 100 Hydraulic Machine Vise

Part No. 105096
en route to our warehouse

  • Hardened and precision-ground jaws and body
  • High precision and wear-resistant material ensure long service-life
  • Clamping pressure is up to ten times as high as with conventional machine vises
  • Swivel-base mounted vise body, 360° swivel
  • Constant clamping pressure, unaffected by vibration and shock
  • Hydraulic power booster

Working Area
Clear opening7.09 in
Jaw width4.33 in
Jaw height1.42 in
Holding force2,393 psi
Swivel-base, weight22 lbs
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)20.9x6.3x3.5 in
Weight57 lbs
Part No. 105096