Water Cutting Machines

Hydro-Jet Eco 0515 SL

Enter the fascinating world of Water-Jet Cutting technology
Part No. 166207

NEW Micro Waterjet Cutting

  • finest contours and maximum surface quality

Robust system with small footprint and high operator comfort

  • State-of-the-art GPlus Cut control
  • Completely equipped for Abrasive & Pure-Water Cutting
  • Axes are driven via preloaded ball screws
  • Flying Bridge Construction
  • Abrasive Cutting of steel, aluminum, marble, compound materials and much more
  • High-precision cuts in virtually any material
  • Quick programming on an integrated PC control with graphic user interface; software package included
  • Perfectly tuned drive system
  • Integrated high-pressure pump, 15 Hp
  • Compact machine for easy transportation and setup; includes guide machine, water basin, settling basin, and control cabinet are mounted on a granite machine frame

The Water-Jet is a universal tool with many benefits:

  • No thermal stresses, hardening, or tensions on the part
  • No dust, smoke or toxic fumes
  • Small kerf width and very clean cut edges
  • Virtually burr-free cuts = no rework necessary
  • Direct plunge-cut at any position

High-pressure pump

  • Low maintenance
  • Long life of consumable parts thanks to a triple water filter system
  • Pulsation damper ensures constant water flow
  • Pressure booster with a ratio of 1:21,8
  • Oil temperature control in the hydraulic circuit

Working Area
Cutting range59x20 in
Abrasives Container440 lbs
Type of driveX-, Y-axis: preloaded ball screws / Z-axis: hand wheel
Operating pressure (max.)50,750 psi
Travel Z-axis3 in
Feed max.156 in/min
Positioning accuracy X-axis± 0.004"/12" in
Positioning accuracy Y-axis± 0.004"/12" in
Repeatability X-axis± 0.002"/12" in
Repeatability Y-axis± 0.002"/12" in
High pressure system ECOTRON 35.11
Gear ratio1:21,8
Flow rate (max.)0.32 gal/min
Motor rating14.8 Hp
Oil pressure0 - 2,320 psi
High pressure pump dimensions146x146x118 in
Weight1,496 lbs
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)145.7x145.7x98.4 in
Weight (with high pressure pump)8,008 lbs
Part No. 166207

The GPlus 450Cut features a customized user interface that was specifically designed to meet the special requirements for 2-D cutting

  • Easy, user-oriented operation allows quick creation of programs
  • Geometry imports from DXF and DIN/ISO program files
  • Faulty geometries can be repaired and edited with the integrated DXF Analyzer
  • 50 standard macros simplify the creation of a wide variety of geometries
  • Instant display of all starting cut changes in the drawing with simulation option
  • Optimum material utilization via grid nesting function with critical features like turning, mirroring, and manual sorting
  • Material database with plate management function - for the management of all customer-specific data on machined materials, including cutting technology data, and dimensions
  • Optimum contour approach made possible by a multitude of definable starting cut conditions differentiating between circular and non-circular inside and outside contours
  • Zoom feature - enlarges the part view and all starting cuts
  • User-friendly HMI allow modification of any cutting parameters during cutting, plus easy operation including all required service messages
  • Cutting and marking in one program
  • Option: contour nesting for nesting several part types on one plate - ensures optimum plate utilization and time savings
  • Calculation assurance: machining time and material consumption can be quickly determined using the cut simulation
  • Online Help: we provide prompt and proficient online support
  • Industrial PC-based CNC
  • Block processing time: 450 NC blocks per sec
  • 40 GB hard drive storage
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface (to load NC programs from a network)
  • USB port for data transfers

  • CNC control with 17' TFT monitor
  • grid nesting
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • control panel
  • high-pressure pump 15 Hp
  • abrasive cutter head
  • abrasive tank 200 kg
  • sand metering system
  • 3-chamber settling tank
  • operating manual and programming instructions