Bed-Type Milling Machines

KB 1400

High-Capacity Bed-Type Milling Machine for large parts and heavy machining
Part No. 301320

  • Only the cutter head - not the machine table - moves on the Z axis. This results in improved stability, less vibration, and ultimately in increases precision and extremely high table load capacity! This effect is emphasized even more by the large, heavy cast-iron frame (Meehanite) and extremely wide box ways.
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment provided through frequency drive
  • Rigid rectangular guideways for long-lasting accuracy
  • Meehanite cast-iron frame
  • Cutter head swivels ± 45°
  • Hardened and ground guide ways on all axis
  • Standard 3-axis position indicator

3-axis position indicator

  • More accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Resulting in valuable time savings
  • For increased productivity
  • Easy to read display
  • Operator-specific features
  • Convenient keyboard layout
  • Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
  • Default coordinates
  • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Calculator function
  • Storage for 10 tools
  • Radius / diameter toggle
  • Mm/inch conversion
  • Easy expansion and maintenance-free operation

Working Area
Spindle axis-to-table surface distance5.91 - 25.59 in
Number of T-slots3 positions
Table set up area55x16 in
T-slots, width0.7 in
T-slots, spacing3.9 in
Speed height-adjustment (max.)65.75 in/min
Travel X-axis37.4 in
Travel Y-axis16 in
Travel Z-axis20 in
Vertical Milling Head
Spindle mountISO 50
Throat20 in
Spindle speed (vertical)30 - 1,800 rpm
Quill stroke4 in
Head swivel range± 45°
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis65.75 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis65.75 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis65.75 in/min
Feed speed X-axis(9) 1 - 25 in/min
Feed speed Y-axis(9) 1 - 25 in/min
Feed speed Z-axis1 - 25 in/min
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive10.1 Hp
Motor rating feed1 Hp
Motor rating for Z-axis drive1 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump0.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Flow rate, coolant pump3 gal/min
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)90.157x69.685x83.464 in
Weight8,052 lbs
Part No. 301320

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • collet chuck with collets (0.16",0.2",0.24",0.31",0.39",0.47",0.55",0.63" diam.)
  • reducing sleeves MT4, MT3, MT2
  • cutter arbor Ø 1.5"
  • coolant system
  • work lamp
  • central lubrication
  • operating tools
  • operator manual