Edge Beveling Machines

KEM 250

Effective and quick deburring of sheet metal and other flat material
Part No. 102857

  • Two counter-rotating flap wheels allow simultaneous deburring on both sides
  • Separately controlled drive motors for single-side deburring
  • Ideal for deburring up to 0.4 inch thick material
  • Ready for connection of an exhaust system

Working Area
Plate thickness (max.)0.39 in
Belt speed702 in/s
Speed1,400 rpm
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive0.7 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)18.1x26.4x18.9 in
Weight154 lbs
wire wheel brush size10x2 in
Part No. 102857

  • base
  • grinding rotor 250 x 50 / K60
  • operator manual