Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

KHT 3210 F

Rigid, reliable and user-friendly
  • Plate thickness (max.) 0.39 in
  • Working length 126 in
  • Strokes per minute 15
Part No. 133504

Working Area
Plate thickness (max.)0.39 in
Working length126 in
Rear stop30 in
Cutting angle1.5 deg
Strokes per minute15
Hold-down15 positions
Work table height32 in
Support arms49.61 in
Number of support arms3 positions
Drive Capacity
Motor rating hydraulic pump20.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Hydraulic tank volume111 gal
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)161x78x64 in
Weight22,660 lbs
Part No. 133504

E-20+ control - easy to program rear stop and kerf setting

  • Machine frame and cutter bar are designed with extremely solid, carefully machined weldment structures to withstand highest loads
  • The proven swing beam design allows small knife angles for maximum cut quality and minimum distortion at the workpiece
  • A rigid rear stop with premium preloaded ball screws and lowmaintenance linear guides ensure long-term dimensional stability of the workpiece
  • Shadow projection indicates cut line
  • Hydraulically operated hold-down provides uniform and reliable fixation of the workpiece
  • Infinitely adjustable cut length saves valuable time when producing small parts
  • Premium hydraulic and electric components ensure safe operation and high availability

  • motorized kerf adjustment
  • powered rear stop
  • E-20+ control
  • standard upper and lower knife
  • support arms
  • lateral stop
  • foot pedal
  • shadow graph display of cut line
  • operator manual