Motorized Swing-Beam Plate Shears

KMT 2004 • 2504

Small footprint, powerful, and rigid
Plate thickness (max.)
Working length

  • Foot control with emergency stop switch
  • Hold-down system with safety guard to protect hands
  • Extra heavy construction with high motor power and reliable overload protection
  • Support table with roller balls for easy handling of sheet metal plates
  • Motor rear stop, 29 inch, with digital display
  • Easy kerf adjustment
  • Premium electric components ensure very high availability
  • Heavy welded steel construction featuring maximum rigidity - all movable parts run on maintenance-free bearings
  • Parallel knife guide system ensure high-quality cuts
  • Side stop and front support arms (standard equipment)

Please configure your machine to see technical data!

  • knife set
  • motorized rear stop (29 inch)
  • CE-conforming safety features
  • foot pedal
  • right-hand longitudinal stop and 2 support arms