Motorized Swing-Beam Plate Shears

KMT 1350 • 2050 • 2550

Premium components, superior rigidity, and easy operation
Plate thickness (max.)
Working length

  • Rigid welded steel construction featuring quiet operation - all movable parts run on maintenance-free bearings
  • Parallel knife guides ensure high cutting precision
  • High-strength knives made of alloyed steel with ground surface
  • Side stop and 2 front support arms
  • Foot control with emergency stop switch
  • One-piece hold-down system with safety guard to protect hands
  • Precision-machined table featuring a large support area
  • Manual rear stop 17.5"

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  • knife set
  • rear stop
  • lateral stop
  • CE-conforming safety features
  • foot pedal
  • right-hand longitudinal stop and 2 support arms