Motorized Guillotine Shears


Cost-effective and powerful plate shear series fulfills any workshop needs
Product Selection

  KMT B 1253KMT B 1254KMT B 2052KMT B 2053
Working Area
Structural steel plate thickness0.031 - 0.118 in0.031 - 0.157 in0.031 - 0.079 in0.031 - 0.118 in
Working length49 in49 in81 in81 in
Cutting angle2 deg2.4 deg2 deg2 deg
Strokes per minute (automatic mode)30
Knife length53 in53 in83 in83 in
Work table height33 in
Support arms24 in
Number of support arms2 positions2 positions3 positions3 positions
Back Gauge
Rear stop25 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive4 Hp5.4 Hp4 Hp5.4 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)67x59x44 in68x63x47 in99x66x44 in99x63x47 in
Weight1,870 lbs2,607 lbs2,860 lbs3,344 lbs

Machine Frame and Drive System

  • The machine frame is made of a rigid, solid steel weldment
  • A rubber-coated hold-down automatically fixates the plate
  • A small knife angle ensures cut accuracy

Material Support

  • The rigid side angle stop simplifies alignment of the plate to the cut line
  • Rugged support arms ensure a good hold of large plates on the support table

Operation and Ergonomics

  • Illuminated cut line ensures good visibility of marking
  • The mobile control unit features a foot switch, so the operator has both hands free

Back Gauge

  • Manual back gauge with counter
  • The back gauge is robust and rigid and can handle any challenges in everyday operations
  • The work area at the back gauge is covered with safety panels

  • foot pedal
  • side angle stop
  • support arms
  • automatic hold-down
  • cut-line lighting
  • manual rear stop
  • operator instructions