Motorized Guillotine Shears


Motorized guillotine shears with manually positioned back gauge
Structural steel plate thickness
Working length

  KMT S 1353KMT S 1553KMT S 2053KMT S 2552KMT S 3052
Working Area
Structural steel plate thickness0.004 - 0.118 in0.004 - 0.118 in0.004 - 0.118 in0.004 - 0.098 in0.004 - 0.079 in
Plate thickness stainless steel0.059 in0.059 in0.059 in0.049 in0.039 in
Working length53 in61 in81 in100 in120 in
Cutting angle2.32 deg2.05 deg1.58 deg1.3 deg1.3 deg
Work table height33 in
Work table depth15 in
Number of support arms2 positions2 positions3 positions3 positions4 positions
Support arms37 in
Strokes per minute34
Back Gauge
Rear stop30 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive4 Hp4 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)76x85x52 in85x85x52 in107x85x52 in126x85x52 in146x85x52 in
Weight2,750 lbs3,410 lbs3,850 lbs4,290 lbs4,840 lbs

Machine Frame and Drive System

  • The machine frame is made of a very rigid, solid steel weldment
  • The upper knives are reversible for use of both sides, and the lower knives feature 4 cutting edges
  • A rigid, continuous hold-down fixes the sheet metal plate right in front of the cut line
  • The optimum kerf for machining can be adjusted manually

Material Support

  • The rigid side angle stop simplifies alignment of the plate to the cut line
  • Rugged support arms ensure a strong hold of large plates
  • Material support rollers are recessed in the table for easy workpiece handling

Ergonomic Design

  • The mobile foot switch gives the operator added flexibility and both hands are free for handling the workpiece
  • For a better view of the cut line, the hand safety guard can be flipped up or down
  • The bright LED illumination of the cut line creates a clearly visible shadow on the marked line

Rear stop:

  • The back gauge can be positioned precisely via a hand-wheel
  • The easy accessible work area at the back gauge is secured by light curtain
  • The machine can be equipped with an optional NC-controlled back gauge for a length up to 39", or a sheet hold-up device

  • foot pedal
  • cut-line lighting
  • lateral stop
  • support arms with T-slots and tilting stop
  • manual 29.5 in. backgauge
  • ball bearing front table
  • light curtain
  • top blade with 2 sides
  • foldable finger guard
  • operator instructions