Manual Workshop Presses


Ideal for craft shops, schools and training facilities
Pressure force

Working Area
Pressure force33 t16.5 t55 t
Operating pressure (max.)5,431.7 psi5,541.9 psi5,792.75 psi
Piston travel per quick stroke0.15 in0.31 in0.1 in
Piston travel per work stroke0.02 in0.04 in0.01 in
Total piston stroke6.3 in
Flow rate quick stroke8.32 gal/min
Throat width22 in22 in30 in
Flow rate work stroke1 gal/min
Measures and Weights
Hydraulic tank volume0 gal
Oil tank capacity0.44 gal0.44 gal0.66 gal
Weight330 lbs257 lbs550 lbs
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)33x26x81 in33x24x76 in44x30x84 in

For any repair and installation work, e.g.:

  • Removal and installation of press-fit bearings, bolts and bushings
  • Straightening beams, shafts, axles and sections
  • Pressing and crimping
  • Load tests and weld sample testing
  • Straightening of workpieces
  • Material testing
  • Rigid machine frame featuring a carefully machined weldment structure
  • Hydraulic pump can be operated by hand or foot control
  • 2-step hydraulics - with change-over switch for changing between quick-stroke and work stroke
  • The support table features a rigid design, but is easy to handle with adjustable height
  • Includes multi-function die for straightening flat material and corrugation
  • Table lifting system