Gantry-Type Hydraulic Presses


Hydraulic Press for Bending, Blanking and Dies
Pressure force

  KP 70KP 100KP 150KP 200
Working Area
Pressure force154,000 lbs220,000 lbs330,000 lbs440,000 lbs
Stroke19.7 in
Stroke speed0.08 in/s
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed43 in/min52 in/min47 in/min47 in/min
Drive Capacity
Motor rating hydraulic pump2 Hp5.4 Hp4.3 Hp10.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Weight2,420 lbs3,520 lbs6,600 lbs9,460 lbs

  • Strong hydraulic cylinder and two circular guides ensure uniform and precise feeding during press operation
  • Also suitable as try-out press
  • Ram plate and large work table with T-slots for tool clamping
  • Firmly bolted work table
  • Adjustable end stop