Manual 3-Roller Roll Bending Machines


Rigid cast-iron construction with manually driven rollers
Working length
Plate thickness (max.)

  KR 10/1.0KR 10/1.5KR 10/3.0KR 12/1.5KR 15/2.0KR 20/1.5
Working Area
Working length41 in41 in41 in49 in61 in81 in
Plate thickness (max.)0.04 in0.06 in0.12 in0.06 in0.09 in0.07 in
Roll diameter2 in3 in4 in3 in4 in4 in
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)52x28x44 in52x28x44 in83x32x45 in79x32x45 in103x32x44 in120x32x45 in
Weight528 lbs704 lbs1,100 lbs1,122 lbs1,254 lbs1,397 lbs

  • Hardened rollers, suitable for stainless steel
  • Top roller swings out
  • Easy adjustment of rear and bottom roller via hand wheel
  • Bottom and rear roller with wire insertion groove
  • Back gear
  • Supplied with conical bending feature