3 Rolls Motorized Plate Rolling Machines


Modern design, user-friendly machine with asymmetrical mounted rolls
Working length
Plate thickness (max.)

  KRM 10/4.0KRM 10/5.0KRM 12/3.5KRM 12/4.0KRM 12/5.0KRM 15/3.0KRM 15/4.0KRM 20/3.0KRM 20/4.0
Working Area
Working length41 in41 in49 in49 in49 in61 in61 in81 in81 in
Plate thickness (max.)0.2 in0.22 in0.16 in0.18 in0.22 in0.14 in0.18 in0.16 in0.18 in
Max. plate thickness for bending0.16 in0.2 in0.14 in0.16 in0.2 in0.12 in0.16 in0.12 in0.16 in
Bending diameter (min.)6 in7 in6 in7 in8 in6 in7 in7 in8 in
Roll diameter4 in5 in4 in5 in6 in4 in5 in5 in6 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)72x34x46 in72x36x48 in92x34x46 in80x34x46 in80x36x48 in104x34x46 in92x36x48 in130x36x48 in128x36x48 in
Weight2,376 lbs2,684 lbs2,530 lbs2,750 lbs3,003 lbs2,684 lbs2,992 lbs3,256 lbs3,366 lbs

  • Hardened rollers, suitable for stainless steel
  • Motor driven left/right direction, operated with foot switch
  • Hand wheel for rear roll feed
  • Quick adjusting rolls (motor-driven, option)
  • Standard series wire core groove
  • Top roll swings out across cam lock
  • Supplied with conical bending feature

  • hardened rollers
  • conical bending feature