3 Rolls Motorized Plate Rolling Machines


Modern design, user-friendly machine with asymmetrical mounted rolls
Working length
Plate thickness (max.)

  KRM ST 15/8KRM ST 20/6KRM ST 20/7KRM ST 25/5KRM ST 25/6KRM ST 30/4KRM ST 30/5
Working Area
Working length61 in81 in81 in100 in100 in120 in120 in
Plate thickness (max.)0.31 in0.24 in0.28 in0.2 in0.24 in0.16 in0.2 in
Max. plate thickness for bending0.28 in0.2 in0.24 in0.16 in0.2 in0.12 in0.16 in
Bending diameter (min.)10 in10 in11 in11 in11 in11 in12 in
Roll diameter7 in7 in7 in7 in7 in7 in8 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive5.4 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)132x29x42 in152x29x42 in166x38x52 in172x38x52 in186x38x52 in205x38x52 in205x38x52 in
Weight4,070 lbs4,620 lbs6,820 lbs6,710 lbs7,480 lbs8,250 lbs8,800 lbs

  • Hardened rollers, suitable for stainless steel
  • Taper bending fixture
  • Motorized rear roller adjustment
  • Rigid steel construction
  • High quality steel rollers
  • 2 driven rolls
  • Top roller swings out
  • Lower roll with manual feed, motorized feed available as an option
  • Optionally available with extended roll ends for profile bending rolls (see picture)
  • Central lubrication
  • Separate control panel
  • Meets CE requirements

  • hardened rollers
  • conical bending feature
  • back roll with motor
  • automatic central lubrication
  • operator manual