Hydraulic Straightening and Die Presses


Perfect trueing and bending of profiles, rods, and carriers
Pressure force

  • The machine frame features a horizontal design and is made of a massive weldment - Quality and Reliability - Made in Europe
  • This design provides a rigid support for materials during trueing and bending processes
  • Piston stroke and pressure can be preselected as needed for the respective application
  • Ram plate and table are equipped with bending dies
  • Safety foot switch and safety guards ensure maximum operator safety
  • Height-adjustable support rollers on both sides
  • Idle run and work speed plus manual or semi-automatic operation can be preselected
  • Modern machine design with interesting options, like up to 12 m long roller conveyors, or requirement-specific geometry adaptation

Please configure your machine to see technical data!

  • foot pedal
  • bending dies
  • operator manual