Beading Machines


Professional work in industrial and commercial operations
Plate thickness (max.)

  KSM 12KSM 25KSM 40
Working Area
Plate thickness (max.)0.05 in0.1 in0.16 in
Roller distance max.2 in4 in5 in
Throat8 in11 in12 in
Speed32 1/min20 1/min15 1/min
Drive Capacity
Motor rating1 Hp2 Hp3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)44x19x59 in58x23x5,315 in65x23x56 in
Weight264 lbs517 lbs750 lbs

  • The powerful KSM 25/40 features an extremely solid weldment construction with thick steel walls
  • All models have powerful motors with reduction gears, and brake systems
  • Four sets of beading and crimping rollers are included
  • Additional roller sets for a wide variety of applications are available as an option
  • Easy handling is supported by a mobile control unit with E-Stop switch
  • Two large foot switches simplify changing between rotational directions for not circumferential beads
  • A ridid, extremely stable stop plate allows for exacting work
  • The rugged base has a minimal footprint

  • base
  • foot pedal
  • 4-pair standard rollers
  • operator instructions