Column Drilling Machines


Basic drill press for workshop and production operations
Product Selection

  KST 16VKST 16KST 25
Working Area
Drilling capacity0.63 in0.63 in0.98 in
Column diameter3 in
Quill stroke4 in
Throat7 in
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance15 in15 in17 in
Spindle nose-to-foot distance24 in
Foot set up area (length x width)10x10 in
Table set up area11x12 in
Spindle mount2 MT2 MT3 MT
Spindle speed(6) 290 - 2,000 rpm(6) 290 - 2,000 rpm(9) 160 - 1,820 rpm
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive1 Hp1 Hp1.5 Hp
Measures and Weights
Height41 in
Weight238 lbs

  • Low-noise belt drive with balanced pulleys - low-maintenance and quiet operation
  • Precision spindle bearing - long life and high accuracy
  • Table control via hand crank and gear rack - robust with high load capacity
  • Long quill stroke with easy to adjust depth stop at the capstan handle
  • Thick-walled, precision-ground column for extra rigidity
  • Powerful drive motor provides high reliability even at continuous loads
  • Ground set-up areas on table and base plate
  • Rotating work table with central clamping

  • drill chuck with wrench
  • tool-holder bits
  • drift bolt
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions